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Berlini Filharmonikusok Fúvósegyüttese / BTF

Berlini Filharmonikusok Fúvósegyüttese / BTF

Handel–Martin Wagenmann: Suite from Handel’s works (I. Samson; II. Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne; III. Fireworks Suite)

Bach–Enrique Crespo: Jesus bleibet meine Freude – chorale overture

Bach–Alfred Lauss: Bist du bei mir – chorale overture

Dowland–Olaf Ott: Four Renaissance Dances for Four Trombones

Rossini–Sándor Balogh: The Barber of Seville – Dunque io son

Shostakovich–Mogens Andresen–Daniel Drage: Jazz Suite No. 2

Richards: Homage to the Noble Grape

Gade–Richard Bissell: Jealousy Tango

Miller–Olaf Ott: Glenn Miller Story


The instrumentalists who work in the best symphonic orchestras are all artists with soloist qualities, whose performance of any concerto will be world-class. That said, they also own – perhaps uniquely – the kind of special sensitivity, smoothness and flexibility that mark chamber musicians, allowing the ensemble in which they play sound like a single instrument. The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the world’s three best orchestras, is also an ensemble: its flautists, clarinet players, bassoonists and oboists make an essential contribution to the “Berlin miracle.”

Supplemented with the horns, the woodwind section now takes to the stage as a self-subsistent ensemble – being one of the distinguished orchestra’s thirty-four chamber groups. Their programme comprises delightful arrangements of light-hearted pieces from musical history, from the Renaissance, through Baroque and Romanticism, to contemporary music.

These great pieces allow this ensemble, which is special in many regards, to show its unique capabilities independently of its mother orchestra.

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