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Bernstein: A Quiet Place,  A Neue Oper Wien előadása / BTF 2018

Bernstein: A Quiet Place, A Neue Oper Wien előadása / BTF 2018

Sam: Steven Scheschareg 

Dede: Katrin Targo

Junior: Dániel Foki

François: Nathan Haller

Funeral director: Markus Miesenberger

Bill: Georg Klimbacher

Susie: Rebecca Blanz

Analyst: Savva Tikhonov

Doc: Johannes Schwendinger

Mrs. Doc: Veronika Dünser


Featuring: soloists of Wiener Kammerchor

Conductor: Walter Kobéra


Libretto: Stephen Wadsworth

Libretto adapted and reduced orchestration by: Garth Edwin Sunderland

Set, costumes: Christian Tabakoff

Lighting: Norbert Chmel

Vocal coach: Antanina Kalechyts

Director: Philipp M. Krenn


The 100th anniversary of Leonard Bernstein’s birth is celebrated in 2018. The Neue Oper Wien, which is committed to contemporary opera (bringing Péter Eötvös’s Lilith to Budapest the last time), presents Bernstein’s last work for the stage. Written between 1980–1983, A Quiet Place is a sequel to Trouble in Tahiti, which he created three decades earlier. Both pieces offer an ironic view of the American dream – the one that is pursued not only in America.

The composition comprises four major scenes, which Bernstein compared to the movements of a symphony, saying they followed each other as in a work by Mahler. With Bernstein, however, the large-scale form frames small-format tableaux.

An event jointly organized with Neue Oper Wien.

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