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PONT Fesztivál (03.31. és 04.01.) BÉRLET / BTF 2018

PONT Fesztivál (03.31. és 04.01.) BÉRLET / BTF 2018

You can see customs and religious folk traditions related to Easter, from Hungary and the Mediterranean region. Alongside the exhibitions of ceramicist Mária Petrás and photographer Paulo Bunčuga, there will be events to introduce all members of the family to such treasures from the UNESCO list of cultural heritage as the puppet making of Sicily, the violins of Cremona, and the carpet art of Aubusson. In the evenings, a Sardinian choir will sing their polyphonic songs, flamenco will be performed by players from the heartland of the genre, and Ági Szalóki and the Vujicsics band will give their concerts.

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